Adult romance with sex: The Denied Pleasure...An adult short story book (Erotic Quickies 1)

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A little smut is fine but really a author needs substance to keep me around. Right now the Dresden books are my favorite, but Harrison is up there. Really though, I need to go back to widening the reading list. There is- The Shadow Queen. It reads more like a novella than an actual novel, but I enjoyed it completely.

I liked the new book very much. I thought it got back to the quality of the Trilogy whereas she was just having some fun with Tangled Web. Seriously, these writers need to check ou fanfic sites! Dark, action-filled stuff! There was a blog post in the Sydney Morning Herald a while back about why women are attracted to such guys, and thus why these novels are popular. Sorry girls, but the Alpha male attraction thing is written into the genes.

Ooh, I like the Yasmine Galenorn books! But then, I was reading her when she was writing books on paganism for Llewellyn. Ditto from me on Anita Blake — first 6 were great, and then it nosedived. Since you like Kushiel, you might have the stomach for it it involves court intrigue and torture.

Ending The Sexual Dark Age

You have some awesome book choices up there on your shelves. Have you read much from them? Anywho… love your work… keep on reading entirely too much and let us all know what you think of what you read. Laurel K Hamilton writes some books about a character named Meredith Gentry that are essentially Girl Porn with as I recall from the one book I read a strong female lead. You might dig her. These books are not about real life, or the struggles a real relationship has.

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They are about a likable girl one that you can always relate to yourself and your own faults getting the gorgous, dominating guy. They are simple fantasy fulfillment. So, while I too kind of have a problem with the characterizations of some of the females, I also understand that these books are a good, healthy form of escapism, and that the relationships would probably never really work in real life.

I think this is an important distinction to have while reading and romance novel, and a lot of other escapist fiction as well. I half-agree with you. I think it depends on the book. Two words…. Diana Gabaldon. Not anything close to vampire erotica…uh, romance… but the master shall we say, mistress of the Scottish time travel universe. Oh, and did I mention a seventh book; a compendium explaining the intricacies of the first four books? But some people do.

Or something.

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Someone recently called me mysterious, and last time I checked, I have neither excess alpha nor any enigma. My only mystery is why these guys are seen as mysterious. I reviewed it the other day and I swear it made me so mad it made me sick to my stomach. The book glorified emotional abuse. Oh also, have you seen this? Holy Hell, how was that ever invented?

Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Romance Collection 1 of 10 Full Romance Audio Book by Jaci Burton

Oh, I know. I agree with all you have said and definately about the carpathian books, I struggle with them because I just want to hit the men over the head with something solid. I think the later Anitas got a bit of a bad rap.

I think there is a reason for the smut, purposeful porn. Some of her female characters get pretty major roles even after their story is told, too. I think the most striking example of sexism in fantasy novels is the series Twilight. Bella is basically incompetent a lot of the time and Edward is controlling, dominating and… whatever. And they shoulda gotten it on around page I mean, I hate this kind of stuff but obviously it does appeal to many women, because the books are successful.

So much so that he ignores what she wants! She basically turns in to a man with breasts.

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The beauty of romance is the unique strengths femininity brings to the relationship and the unique strengths masculinity brings. If feminism failed in any way it was in taking it too far, stripping women and men of the strengths they each uniquely have. Conversely for Kaylee, even in her coveralls and grease covered face, she holds power in that crew because of the unique feminine qualities she gladly possesses. They can. Women have an essential role to play in an adventure but keep her unique femininity. She earned those breasts! They are the Highlander books that Sherrilyn writes.

The MacAllister brothers which then go into the Brotherhood of the Sword.

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There is also the Lords of Avalon series. I am in the same situation with my book reading. I like to read the alpha male books, sometimes…but favorite series are those with kick ass chicks. THey work well together and they can kick butt together too. I read one book that was along the same lines and it seemed like they used every chance to have sex. It bugged the crap out of me. THere was actually a scene where they were literally being chased by the bad guys through the woods, but had to stop off for a quickie. I think there is an appeal for the alpha male in women.

I know it appeals to me sometimes, because it is fiction. Have you ever read the book johnny, Mark of Chaos? It is a newer series. The lady who writes them has created a pretty interesting world of good vs evil and the balance of it. There is some romance in it.

I like how he falls for the chick, but he gets annoyed with her innocence. He wants her to step it up. I find that pretty cool. The second book is from his point of view, so some of his thoughts are awesome to hear. So before today I had only heard the words sex and child-birth follow the word vaginal. See reading your blog is educational…. Something totally silly that no one would want, and let FOX run with it. It worked for Matt Groening. R Ward.

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Ilona Andrews is about as close as I enjoy getting to a romance novel. Too many are just a set up for sex and the plot falls flat. I have read most of these series. I may actually read almost as much as you do! The women is this series are actually stronger than the men and really do kick ass! They appear in the later books to help each other out. Undead and—- series is also knows as Queen Betsy series, and is one of my favorites because Betsy is as ditzy and flawed as she is strong.