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Ok, class. One of the most surprising dishes was the BBQ Seitan. I know. Made from wheat, this high-protein veggie option has a slight steak-like texture and the way Chef Scott makes it, I promise you will not miss the meat. It is hearty and full of flavor. And, like many of the sandwiches, the savory, smoky bite is balanced out by their secret stash of candied peaches.

Oh so delightful, creamy and sweet. So, just excuse yourself from wherever you are, and get to Birdman Jukejoint.

Meet The Bird Man Of Prospect Park

It is waaaay more than you can imagine. Kristin L. Wolfe June 14, Not just-a salad Not just a devilled egg. Just go. Our Sponsors.

Berlin Mural Fest 2018 Begins Now!

Sign Me Up! Thank you for subscribing to CTbites' weekly newsletter. Archive of All Reviews. Best of CT. Best of Coffee. This costume shop in Los Angeles got very lucky this spring when Barcelona based Miss Van visited and asked them if they would like their facade freshly painted. Along with local talents Victor Castillo and Easo Andrews, Miss Van created a bit of costumed magic that will undoubtedly increase sales.

A politically and socially charged topic in many countries today, Germany is struggling to strike a balance about where it stands on immigration. It is surprising how many people were willing to try it out, and how many nervously smiled as an upswelling of conflicting emotions were undoubtedly released in all participants, including those who watched.

Slab City is sometimes billed as an isolated desolated off-the-grid sort of place in California so it was an adventure for Christina Angelina and Ease One discovered the remains of this abandoned water tank and transformed it into a circular mural. They call it The Kinetoscope. Sort of odd for a festival with this kind of name on our site but we clearly acknowledge the continuum of creativity extends beyond labels today. Brazilian street artist Cranio here provides a look at his technique with cans for creating his instantly recognizable figures.

Check out the full interview below and go to their main site to hear more interviews as well including one with BSA. Just released, this is a stop animation by Broken Fingaz and a small crew in Mexico — that drips with green goo that overflows and slimes down the sides of barrels, walls, pipes, and out of holes.


A well done adventure in a former factory, some have compared it to a famous aerosol stop action by the Italian Blu a few years ago, but this has its own distinctive personality and a stunner of an ending. Birdman continues to shoot photos and has this week entered storytelling with this video of a handful of artists on a hike through modern ruins, spending the day in an abandoned water park outside Los Angeles.

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Dry heat like this has turned many a town into a dustbowl in the west, and when you add degree farenheit and scantily clad painters to a day of aerosol fumes you experience a certain delirium. The power of advertising in the public sphere on our propensity to purchase raspberry-scented shampoo is so effective that hand-bill postering and billboards pop up all over our built environment and natural environment like mushrooms overnight.

As cities everywhere debate or ignore the appropriate growth of advertising messages, entrepreneurial billboard builders often take the initiative to spread the paid messages in legal grey or red zone because the opportunities for making green are aplenty. Talk about bombing. The Los Angeles Street Art collective Desire Obtain Cherish favor the billboard for a bit of culture jamming periodically and they have just raised the irony a notch.

In these new photos from photographer Birdman, we see what appears to be Desire Obtain Cherish using illegal billboards for installations — raising awareness of just how many un-permitted, unsanctioned, unapproved, and illegal billboards are in our midst. Compounding the fact is that this can also all all be done in broad daylight with foot traffic and cars whizzing by. If your illegal message is on an illegal billboard in an illegal location, have you committed an illegal act?

Dang those kids for making us think about commerce, art, policy, and public space.

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  5. In one of the videos below the end text clearly takes some positions but there are many to be taken. This will only mean trouble for the simple-minded who are in search of black and white answers at any cost. Woooo Hooooo! Heute gehen wir steil! This is the first phase of this wall as the artist will be adding more work in the future. Can you tell us what it says? Any interpreters online today?

    For further information regarding this show click here. Lister says he likes the job because it gives him a challenge.

    'U.S.', 'Brooklyn', 'Birdman' in Sports are for Winners

    Photographer Birdman Show tonight in Los Angeles 5. About this place. Albert helps host. The neighbourhood. Things to keep in mind. Check-in: 1PM - 12AM midnight. House Rules. Not suitable for children and infants. No parties or events. Read all rules. House rules. Cancellation policy. Report this listing. Things to do near this home. Explore other options in and around Brooklyn.

    Birdman, Jacquees - Presidential

    Jersey City. Union City. Long Island City.