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However, she is sure that something terrible is going to happen to her if she remains there and decides to take her chances when a mysterious man named March sneaks in to her room to steal her away from them. After meeting the rest of the crew she is now supposed to work with and learning of their plans to study the J-gene and recruit jumpers from various planets, Sirantha feels as though she may not be better off with these strangers after all. They are in constant danger and Sirantha actively dislikes half of her new companions — a rather snarky lesbian mechanic, a peaceful alien slave, cold-hearted March, and a kind-hearted doctor.

Grimspace is an entertaining and fast-paced adventure containing a nice blend of character interaction and rapid plot advancement. It is not terribly original, nor is it a novel that will blow your mind with profound insights and deep characters, but it is a lot of fun from the first page to the very last page. The pace is rather fast, sometimes too fast even, as I felt the ending was a bit rushed.

The language is very modern and the prose is nothing special, but it certainly works for an enjoyable tale. Although they are not astonishingly well-written, Sirantha and March are interesting characters with dark pasts with room for more revelations in the future about how they came to be the people they are. Sirantha is one of those badass women who says exactly what is on her mind no matter what the consequences, often leading to trouble. I have seen a lot of comparisons between this book and the TV series Firefly and I can see the resemblance.

Grimspace is a novel worth checking out if you are a fan of strong female leads, adventure, and romance. The narration starts when she is kidnapped or rather liberated by an ex-mercenary called March who has his own agenda Jax knows nothing about. She is not sure about his intentions but she grabs at that straw as any fate is better than a forced breakdown in a mental hospital and a prison sentence. Let only say it complicates the situation a lot.

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Apparently the bond linking a pilot and a jumper must be really strong to make them succeed. Although Sirantha is still mourning the death of her previous pilot, friend, colleague and lover, Kai, soon enough she finds March more than an adequate substitute.

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The man is a mind- reader Psi and it seems their theta-waves are very similar. As a result they can literally talk to each other into their own heads and March knows instantly what Sirantha is feeling. How many female sci-fi writers do you know?

It made me interested so I decided to give the book a try and whoa, it was an exhilarating, although a bit scary roller coaster ride from the very beginning. It is a character-driven, first-person narration novel and Sirantha Jax is one hell of a character too.

She is damaged goods from the start — unstable after the accident, depressed, horribly scarred, being tortured mentally by those ugly shrinks to boot — but still she fights her way out no matter what. She has grit and determination of several men and women being an interesting protagonist with a lot of potential, I think. Small wonder March, although grudgingly, falls for her after a while head over heels.

I must admit Ms. Aguirre has a touch for excellent characters and she can build very plausible relations between them. In general the interactions of Jax, March, and the supporting cast are very interesting and funny to read. All of them are damaged to some extend but, unlike other novels, it works rather fine.

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That was unexpected. The plot is another big asset of the book. This became really frustrating fragg—er, but for all of that, I found it pretty easy to keep reading. Discovering authors like Aguirre is an absolute thrill. This is a grand space opera in the best tradition of Star Wars but without the false, pompous nobleness of the Jedi knights.

Great review. I have never heard of space opera, wow, learn something new everyday.

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My favorite sci-fi author is Octavia E. Butler, before her, I never read it. But it's good to see other women making some headway as well. It's true you learn something new everyday — I must check out Octavia Butler now! I am glad you liked my review -thanks for commenting!

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I love Ann Aguirre's UF series with Corine Solomon and have been thinking about trying her Space opera series — sounds like it's worth the effort! And you should try Blue Diablo — def worth reading too! Blodeuedd — no I don't hate how you write because you are not a native speaker. I make similar mistakes myself ;pThe Red Witch — chapeau bas.

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I don't know these ladies. Hardcore scifi chicklit space opera — I'm intrigued by the description! Anne McCaffrey you say? Ok lands on my TBR pile, thank you! I'm sad to say that I've never heard of Space Opera as a genre before. I'm thoroughly intrigued by the idea of it.