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My eyes widen at the sudden order but, why? I'm so confused about everything. Why did I dream about that dream that included our rival team? Why is the Fire Element and me, friends in the dream? Is it because of the dream you had? Does she know everything about me?

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That dream is nothing more than a lie created by my creator, Hexa. Everyone had the same reaction as I did which was confusion. No one reacted like they knew what was going on. Who do you trust more? A girl who has all knowledge of the world and helped you survive when you first woke up?

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Or a girl from our rival team who does nothing more than manipulating people? My hands suddenly go to her hands to let her know to relax her grip on me. Oh and pay attention more to that mouse hybrid.

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He seems to know what's he doing after all. I slowly nodded as I bowed down then, ran toward the exit. My mission still on my mind as I felt the wind hit my face. Spy on the rival team and gain information that could be useful to Zero. But, why mostly the mouse hybrid? Why is he so special?

Chapter 9: Beyond Confusion

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself. Spy on the rival team to gain information but, mostly spy on the mouse hybrid. I should probably stop questioning my boss and her actions. She is the one who helped when I first woke up. She is the one who knows what's going on around here. But, so does Hexa. But, Zero saved me. I kinda regret existing altogether. Forums The Watty Awards.

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