Kitsy Cat: Discovering Breeds of Cats

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I know he is going to make a great warrior someday - his loyalty to RiverClan and the warrior code is outstanding!

He does tend to believe everything he hears, but I know he knows deep down what is true and right, and what is false and wrong. Please note that Everything I say is completely false and made up, so don't get your hopes up, like, at all.

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Add new page. Apprentice: Reedpaw Medicine Cat.

Blackpaw, Skypaw, Loudpaw, and Reedpaw fidgeted behind him, eyes shining, their apprentice names still fresh on the tongues of their Clanmates. Nice names, though! If you want to just do names, go to the names page. Reedpaw Apprentices-Reedpaw- A sleek golden she-cat with darker tabby stripes on her tail, and amber eyes. November Moons later, she gives birth to Kitescratch and Turtlecrawl. Nothing else is known about Rippletail.

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He goes to ThornClan. Eaglepaw, Reedpaw, Sedgepaw, and Ploverpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life? Goldberry had already instructed him that he was to touch noses with her. Mentor: Iceheart The future's in your paws. Raindrop- Small, pale gray she-cat with silver-and-white flecks, a white forepaw and pale blue eyes. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Welcome we are cats with only with Ginger pelts. Previous Name s. Reedtail is a pale gray tabby tom with a darker tail that is long, thin, and straight like a reed. The Warriors have their apprentice name along with a suffix, such as tail, foot, pelt, fur, heart, ect. It's where your interests connect you with your people. This rank is earned. Littlefur is roleplayed by StoriesWithinDreams You mean the world to me.

Leafpool-is quiet and reserved unlike her sister Squirrelflight ,however her and her sister have a strange connection, they can read what the other is feeling, is captured by Twolegs while trying to figure out where Cloudtail, Brightheart and Mistyfoot went, saved the RiverClan apprentice Reedpaw from drowning, gets a prophecy from Starclan that says: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red, finds the Moonpool, falls in love with Crowfeather, she will walk a The warriors cat Wiki.

Here is the list of cats you can play as! The cats with a star next to them are already being played. If he breaks his back again, he woud probabaly die. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Je verkent hier al schrijvend de geliefde wereld van de Clankatten, rogues en kittypets.

Reedpaw warriors

Reedpaw can't wait to finish training. Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. We're currently open and eager to welcome new members!

The Savannah: The Largest Domestic Cats in the World - Cats 101

Please feel free to join our discord server and ask around if you have any questions, our staff will respond very quickly there. When he starts to bleed, Jayleaf comes to the rescue and helps him out. SkyClan lost many warriors, so i created a list about every cat's status. Every week or so, I choose six winning names from those entered. All these and more found here on Warriors Amino!

Reedwhisker is a black tom with neat ears and brilliant blue eyes. Shape it well. Thanks for checking this out! I turned around at the familiar voice of Reedpaw. Litter-Mate s. Need an OC? Rippleflight- Small blue-gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Moving to the next warrior, she spotted Hazelwing and Treeblaze battling roughly near a tree.

Rippletail is dark gray tabby tom warrior of RiverClan. He has a stocky build and green eyes. Uusually shade is thrown twords River-rush and his apprentice Reedpaw from consistant jealousy of River-rush and Reedpaw's parents. The apprentice den is in a thick hollowed out bush near the river.

He said he will never love again because his heart belongs to Mossflower. It is because of this area that StreamClan cats swim and eat fish. Reedpaw saw that the only way to save Grayfoot — and the queens and kits inside the Nursery — was to sacrifice himself. He is feirce in battle and loyal to the code and StarClan. Smokestar assigned patrols himself. If you talk to a RiverClan cat, Reedpaw stops following you.

History: She was born and raised in the clan with her two brothers, Reedpaw and Gorsepaw, to two warriors named Sootshade and Ivypetal, she was the runt in the litter but was just as resilient, possibly even more, than her brothers. So I'd like to do the version where the kits get a bit of a story of their life instead of just naming them and going on to the next generation. He began training the boisterous young cat.


Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed. They padded to the entrance of the apprentices den.

Grace Under Pressure

There parents died when he and his siblings were just kits, a queen took them in and orthered them, they soon became warriors. Mate s Needlepaw. Listed herein are the characters for each user's stories. No cat was free of the ruthless disease - not even the most powerful leaders or the smallest, weakest kits.

They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warriors in their turn. Not the best at fighting but certainly not the worst. Super good! Kept me reading for hours at a time and I didn't want to stop at all. Comment on the cat you want, whoever comments first, gets the cat. It looked like they would be expecting bad weather. Several times she had noticed that Treeblaze had been thrusting her Clanmates into the trunk.

Stonestar checks the FireClan border before going to sleep, but notices a strange cat named Tawny nearby. The Youth are an infinite ranking of youth that are to be protected at all costs. Here are ten questions on Warrior books that are out. I was super excited! Crowpaw's was Snaketail tom he was very open minded and a great climber. Day of Sneezekit November This all changes when Reedpaw is taken from his clan and Fallowpaw knows he's already long gone when she becomes a warrior. Please be aware of our rules before posting as well as our spoilers policy.

Mistshade - A silver she-cat with a large, black spot on her back and dark blue eyes. Endlessquest promises to be loyal to his clan only and not break the warrior code. Day of Ripplepaw November Wild of tam, goed of slecht, sociaal of eenling? Warrior Cats is een rollenspel gebaseerd op de serie 'Warriors' van Erin Hunter.

Please feel free to use these designs for your projects and maps, so long as you give credit! It is said that the cold wind that blows across the ShadowClan territory chills their hearts and makes them suspicious and untrusting. When Breezefang went missing during the Twoleg crisis he was sent with Shaderipple, Silvercloud, Fleetstrike, Rowanpaw, and Runningpaw to locate him.

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Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: During the tour of the territory with Thrushfeather, a random cat appears out of nowhere and attacks Snowpaw. Join Today! This forum has long been forgotten. I'm going now. Paleheart is a slim, long-haired lilac tabby with yellow-green eyes and a dark tail-tip. Reedpaw is a white tabby tom with bright blue eyes. Nettlepaw wins and Splashstar sends Creekskip back to camp. She's just a bit of a bother and isn't really understood.